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For the skinning of herring and mackerel

The SKIN-WHEEL skinning machine is developed for the automatic production of skinned single fillets from block-fillets, primarily from fresh herring. It is also possible to skin mackerel. The machine is a completely separate unit, designed to function independently from whatever filleting machine it is connected to, Arenco, Baader or VMK. If tid-bits are required, the Swedefish Cutbit machine can be connected to the Skinwheel.
The SKIN-WHEEL works with very good result even under the periods when the herring is lean. The mackerel fillets get an even clean surface.

The SKIN-WHEEL is delivered with one set of format parts. The set comprises a main wheel and a skinning disc, which are available in different sizes. The correct size ensures the best yield.
The SKINNING WHEEL´s capacity is adjusted to the capacity of the filleting machine.
The range of fish-sizes that can be processed is 1,7-25 fish per kg.