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Shuttle conveyor (Retracting conveyor)


The shuttle (also known as Retracting conveyor) is normally used in order to utilize the width of the belt to a freezer or whenever there is a need to make a sudden 90 degree turn. The shuttle drop the products to a 90 degr placed second conveyor by moving the first conveyor over the second conveyor, and then a fast pull back, leaving the product to fall down onto the second conveyor.

Principle of a retracting conveyor Retracting conveyor for burgers

The rapid movement ensures that the products retain the same orientation and do not flip over. This principle can also be used to pack products into trays. The shuttle is also a good solution if there is a need to make a sudden 90° turn in the processing line.This is suitable for delicate products and products with soft consistency such as fillets or homogenate products (e.g. burgers).

Burgers fed to a AGA Linde Freezer


The shuttle conveyor can feed direct to the belt of the freezer as shown in the left picture below. The delivery normally includes one shuttle(SH) and one conveyor(TWN) as shown on the right picture below.