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Our range of products


Compact infeeder that fits in almost anywhere due to the compact footprint.

AP12 autofeeder Herring in VMK pocket
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Versatile infeeder that handles a varity of sizes and has a large capacity.

Herring in Baader pocket
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Infeeder that gently handles and feed fish to a nobbing machine. To be connected to the PBC30 nobbing machine. The design facilitate easy cleaning and maintenance.

AP31 Autofeeder Herring in Swedefish pocket
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Nobbing machine HT for herring, sardine and similar species. The pockets allow standard cut lengths. Used in connectione with the AP31 infeeder.

PBC30 cuttting machine Pre-cuts of herring


A combined nobbing, filleting and skinning machine for sprats. The machine was initially designed to handle cured sprats.

FSS130 filleting machine Sprat fillets
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A salt and marinating equipent used when preparing herring. The equipment mixes herring with salt/spices/vinegar in proportions decided by a recepie and fill the mix in plastic barrels

Pormix equipment Herring in barrels
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Versatile retracting conveyor that except from fish products also has shown to be very useful when handling hamburgers and other minced meat products.

SH-shuttle conveyor Products unloaded by shuttle
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Versatile retracting conveyor handling single line of products from a forming machine. Designed for easy maintenance and cleaning. Belt is replaced within minutes.

SHC-retracting conveyor Products trough shuttle conveyor
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The TWN conveyor is specially designed to feed the inlet of a freezer. Adjustable nose with tight transfer is some of the features that make it suitable. The conveyor is normally delivered together with the shuttleconveor(SH).

TWN conveyor Transfer of products to freezer


Skinning machine for herring and mackerel fillets.

Skinwheel machine Boneless Herring fillets
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Machine for cutting fillets in to tidbits. This machine was originally designed to be connected to the Skinwheel, skinning machine, but the machine has also been sold as a standalone machine, whenever tidbits are required.

Cutbit machine


A series of packing machines that fully automatic pack sprat fillets into cans or trays.

APACK-fillet packing machine Sprat fillets in a can