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Salting and marinating equipment

For over 40 years the Pormix equipment has been supplied to the fish industry and has been well established as a reliable equipment for mixing, giving the customers an even and high quality of their products. It is designed for portioning and mixing of mainly herring and salt/spices or marinade. Because the mixing is done in smaller batches (2-3 batches per barrel) it ensures gentler handling of the fish than when mixing in larger batches.


The layout can be changed according to customers requirements.


The PORMIX consists of 7 parts as in table below:

Part Description
Fish Scale Portioning up to 55kg
Elevator Modular plastic belt conveyor
Mixer For salting: Portioning sizes up to 35kg fish+15-20kg salt
For marinating: Portioning sizes up to 55kg fish+15-20kg pickle
Marinade pump In stainless. 120 litre/min
Feeding screw
with hopper
Hopper - 700 litre of salt/spices
Salt scale Portioning up to 20kg
Control box With parameter settings, statistics, recepies