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The AP automatic infeeders orient and feed fish to a processing machine.
The fish is head oriented and belly turned before it is fed one by one into the pocket-conveyor with an efficient, patented method.

The AP infeeders can be connected to fish processing machines of any brand; the only requirement is that they have a moving pocket-conveyor. They are independent of the speed or model of the pocket conveyor, and do not need any mechanical synchronisation to it, which make them easy to install into an existing processing line. The infeeders primarily feed herring but they can also feed other species of pelagic fish such as mackerel, sardines, anchovies.


The speed of the pocket belt the in-feeder is directing fish into can be up to 450 fish/min. Proper grading and good quality of the fish is essential for reaching high capacity. No operator is needed for the in-feed, but one person is required to supervise the machine and correct failures.


There are three different AP in-feeders available; AP12, AP14 and AP31. Older models include AP20 and AP30, both of which have been merged into AP31. The AP12 has replaced both the AP10 and the AP11 models.
Our infeeders are different when it comes to for example size of the machines and size of the fish. Different requirements make different versions of the AP infeeder preferrable, so please do not hesitate to contact us with your production needs and we will help you find the right infeeder for your needs.

Infeeder connected to Cabinplant Gilling machine

The AP12 is also possible to equip with a mid-conveyor and thereby feed pocket-conveyors that are normally difficult to feed.

Connection to all brands

Swedefish has delivered infeeders for almost 20 years and has a great experience of connecting the infeeders to different processing machines. Below are just some examples.

Arenco CIS nobbing/filleting: Baader134 nobbing/filleting:
AP11 Infeeder connected to Arenco CIS AP14 Infeeder connected to Baader134
Baader 220 nobbing/filleting: Baader 465 nobbing:
Cabinplant gilling machine: VMK nobbing/filleting:
Stinson Steak/Precut: Swedefish Sprat heading machine:
Swedefish HT-machine: Swedefish PBC30:
Triman Sexsorting: Triman Roe popping: