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Breaded products Conveyor curve

The conveyors are designed to meet the hygienic demands of the food industry, e.g. regarding easy cleaning, and they are made in stainless steel. Belts from many of the leading manufacturers are used in order to be able to design the best solution in every case.

Conveyor idler end Draining belt

Swedefish can also assist with the complete layout to match machinery and conveyors together.

Conveyor incline Conveyor incline

Both the drive-end and the idler-end can be found in several different variants. For example the leave-off end can be made small so that the transition to the next conveyor is as smooth as possible.

Conveyor tight transfer Conveyor smooth transfer

Most of the conveyors delivered are made of standard modules such as drive- and idler-ends. Between these two it is possible to add straight or curved modules.

Conveyor drive modules Conveyor straight modules

Some examples of deliveries...

Conveyor example Conveyor example2 Conveyor example3 Conveyor example4 Conveyor example5 Conveyor example6 Conveyor example7 Conveyor example8