a manufacturer of machines for the food industry
- developed and made in Sweden -

About Swedefish Machinery AB

SWEDEFISH MACHINERY AB started in 1981 manufacturing automation machinery for the food industry, with particular emphasis on the fish processing and canning industries. Our specialty is machinery for the processing of pelagic fishes, such as sprats, herring, mackerel and anchovies.

We develop, manufacture and sell all machines ourselves. We are located in Satila, outside Gothenburg, in the western part of Sweden.

As machine designers and constructors we deliver innovative technical solution for the industry. Our establishment is based on solutions developed to suit our customers' needs in relatively small series. Swedefish has mostly worked with automating fish processing, by removing bottlenecks in the production and creating a better working environment. We fulfill the demands in the food processing industry on robust machines with high hygienic demands that have to survive the tough environment with water and cleaning chemicals.

Research and Development

All development and construction take place in our own facilities in Sätila. Modelling and programming is done with the most modern tools on the market. All modelling is done in 3D and other modern technologies. The technical resources enable thorough testing and visualization of ideas.



Development takes place in a close cooperation with the customers. In most cases we work directly towards our end customer, which provides good knowledge about the customers' needs. In certain markets we have agents that know both the industry and the technology in our machines. Our organisation is characterised by short decision making processes. This results in the fact that we find solutions quickly and effectively.

Product development Process development Machinery development


We offer to be involved from the first requirements specification to the installation of the complete equipment. As machine designers and constructors we manage everything from mechanics to control systems, pneumatics and advanced motor drives. We deliver the operation.

Pneumatics PLC Motor controllers


In our workshop we do final assembly and tests before delivery.Our machines are used around the world. Therefore we put strong emphasis on thoroughly documenting our designs - both drawings and program documentation - for example for future updates.

Assemling machinery Assembling

We export our machinery all over the world.

Packing in wooden box Packing in container

Moreover, we educate the operators and maintenance staff of the customer. That means that the customer can manage maintenance and get optimal utilisation out of the equipment.

Installation fish machinery Installation and training


Swedefish has a wide network of suppliers, which enables us to match the right solution with the right application. Most of the production takes place with sub-contractors that we have over time developed good relationships with. This means that we can undertake both large and small projects, with short lead times.

As all production is done according to our specifications, we can choose the supplier that provides the best function, quality and delivery time.

Long standing business relationship

Our business is characterized by our close collaborations and long standing business relationships with our customers.